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Ollie leaving home! From one little boy to another!

From our hearts to yours !


                                                THANK-YOU WENDY!



I wanted to send a few pics of Sparks, now known as, Tucker.  He has been the best little guy since we brought him home a few weeks ago!  My family has instantly fell in love with him!  He has such a wonderful goofy personality as a Frenchie should!  🙂  Never a dull moment in our home.  He is soooo playful and loving with everyone and loves to have play dates with other dogs.  Thank you so much for bringing him into our lives!  

Take care,
Malinda and Bryan Crosby 

I found RMGBulldogs on puppyfind and she made dreams come true. I asked late in the afternoon to be able to pick up my pup that evening, not only did she agree she made sure he had his last shots, vet checked, and met me late. Draco was in perfect health and was a huge hit at my vet clinic. 3 days after I got him I put him in a show and he did amazing!! 2 1st places and 2 reserve males at just 6.5 months with 3 days of training, since then he has became a household clown, playing with the dogs, loving the kids, I honestly couldn't ask for a better puppy or better breeder experience! I will be buying another in the future!! 

                                                                                 July 2017 Draco becomes an ABKC ChampionReferencesReferences References   References


Adopted 1.2017


As for "Thor", he's doing GREAT!  He gets along great with all our dogs.  He's a definate follower ... when we let them outside (we have a huge fenced in yard off a deck), he follows at the end of the pack and does his business.  Comes back up to the door and waits just like the rest of them!    He's only had one accident thus far.  

He LOVES his sleep!  He sleeps with me at night and is out cold from the time we hit the hay!  I have to wake him up around 730!  I'm normally up by 6, but he wasn't thinking that worked for him!  Ha!  He has a 30x21x21 double-door crate that he stays in while I'm at work and my mom's grooming. She works out of the home, so in between dogs, she can come in and let the dogs out, checks emails, returns calls, etc.  So in reality, he doesn't have to spend much time crated.  He doesn't seem to mind it at all though ... he loves his toys and we haven't heard him whine or bark or whimper at all while crated.  It's the cutest thing ... he drags his lil blue blanket around with him like he's a lil kid with a baby blanket!!!  

Thank you again for such a sweet boy!  He is a charmer and a character!!!!  Love him 

We found RMG Bulldogs when I was walking downtown Des Moines and saw a pretty little female coming toward me. That pup was beautiful with nice joints, fur, and skin. (I think her name was Lola/Lula?) I talked with her owner for about 15 minutes while observing the pup. I was so impressed I got the phone number of the breeder for future reference.

After we'd lost our beloved Frenchie Godric of 9 years, we began looking for a healthy pup. We'd looked at many all over the US but kept coming back to RMG because these pups just looked the best.

I asked for a video of the pups and was immediately sent a short video of a handsome, curious, and alert pup. We kept looking to ensure we were making the right decision.  Godric had numerous health issues and we wanted to avoid that as much as possible. Health was our primary focus. We kept looking and again, we couldn't find a better looking pup.

We met after work for pick up and brought Loki home where he's brought us nothing but joy and happiness! He is quite intelligent and surprisingly scaled the steps right away. He was housebroken in 2 days and quickly learned sit and stay. We're working on more commands and tricks. 

He is active and playful and does the "Frenchie 500" around the house several times a week, circling the couch and kitchen table as fast as he can! He loves to snuggle which is absolutely perfect. He snuggles into my neck at bedtime and stays there until morning. He likes to sleep in but once he's up, he wants to play the first few hours of the morning. Then he'll nap several hours to recharge and he's up to play again! He likes new toys so he gets one about every week--or sooner! He loves all humans and other dogs and is a genuine joy to travel with in the truck. He's stolen the hearts of everyone in my office as well as the neighbors and wherever he goes. 

Loki is intelligent and charming. I'd recommend a pup from RMG to anyone looking for a Frenchie. 

Toni Ford